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  • Project Description Will receive training in Drosophila genetics, molecular biology and microscopy. Will assist postdocs and graduate students in performing research using the Drosophila model to understand how tumors grow and interact with other tissue organs to cause systemic effect. Project Details Time, eligibility, and other details Expected workload Skills required Who is eligible Tulane […]
  • Laura Schrader, PhD (Cell and Molecular Biology) Project Description Project Details Time, eligibility, and other details Who is eligible? Undergraduate students and MS Students Volunteer, Paid, or Credit Eligible? Volunteer Application Requirements? CV or resume and cover letter Contact Email:
  • Project Description Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of blindness in the elderly. The mechanism of AMD pathogenesis remains unclear, genetics, environmental factors and advanced age contribute to disease progression. The current project focuses on how aging and environmental factors contribute to AMD, especially cell death and senescence in the retina. For more […]
  • Courtney N. Baker, PhD (School of Science and Engineering) Project Description A substantial number of children experience behavioral, emotional, and social problems, though few receive appropriate intervention. Theseproblems are more prevalent in urban, low-income, chronically disadvantaged and marginalized communities. Evidence-based prevention and earlyintervention efforts have the potential to reach many of these children, are associated […]
  • Arthur Lustig, PhD of Tulane University School of Medicine Project Description My laboratory studies the basic processes that influence the stability of repeated sequences, using the fungus Aspergllus flavus as a model system.We have been investigating the unique properties present at he ends of chromosomes, called telomeres, on recombinational stability andheterochromatin formation using both bioinformatic […]
  • Julie Markant, PhD (Psychology) Project Description Research examines the idea that attention and memory are functionally integrated early in life and that the development of selective attention contributes to improvements in learning and memory. Project Details Time, eligibility, and other details Who is eligible? Tulane Undergraduate Students Volunteer, Paid, or Credit-eligible? Credit-eligible How to apply? […]