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Coding in Python for Designing Materials for Energy

Matthew Montemore, Chemical And Biomolecular Engineering

Project Description

My research group uses computational methods to design materials for energy applications, such as catalysts, batteries, and solar cells. We are developing multiple software packages that aid in setting up calculations, analyzing data, locating relevant scientific literature, and creating/applying machine learning models. These packages are all in Python; as such, Python programmers can make significant contributions to our work.

Project Outcome

Broadly, the outcomes will be improved software for designing materials for energy applications, and possibly new materials that can improve the efficiency of important energy processes.

Project Details

Time, eligibility, and other details

Expected workload
Skills requiredPython
Who is eligibleAll years/majors. Computer science, engineering, and science majors are likely the best fit.
Core partners
Sponsoring partyFaculty
Volunteer, Paid, or Credit-eligible?Depends on the timing and student

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