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Courtney N. Baker, PhD (School of Science and Engineering)

Project Description

A substantial number of children experience behavioral, emotional, and social problems, though few receive appropriate intervention. These
problems are more prevalent in urban, low-income, chronically disadvantaged and marginalized communities. Evidence-based prevention and early
intervention efforts have the potential to reach many of these children, are associated with long-lasting positive outcomes, and save considerable
costs. However, the effectiveness of such evidence-based programs when implemented in real-world school and community settings has been
modest. One probable culprit for this gap between research and practice is inadequate treatment integrity. Treatment integrity is a multi-dimensional
construct characterizing how much of an evidence-based program is provided, how well it is provided, and how well it is received. Though linked to
outcomes, treatment integrity has proven particularly difficult to optimize in community settings, further contributing to disparities in health and
academic achievement. Using a community-engaged approach, Dr. Baker’s overarching research program addresses this challenge by focusing on
three interrelated goals: 1) understanding developmental contexts that are central to disparities in the health and academic outcomes of vulnerable
populations, 2) elucidating the barriers and facilitators of high-fidelity implementation, and 3) developing and testing system-level interventions that
boost implementation quality, thus improving programs’ effectiveness.

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Time, eligibility, and other details

Who is eligible?Dr. Baker recruits undergraduate research assistants who are majoring/plan to major in psychology, the behavioral sciences or related fields; are
interested in applied clinical/school/mental health research; are seriously considering applying to graduate or professional school; have evidence of
academic success in psychology courses; are detail-oriented and able to work independently; and are collegial and a supportive team player.
Volunteer, Paid, or Credit Eligible?Credit Eligible
Application Requirements?Apply on Dr. Baker’s website at this address:


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